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The Gem Was Born Of Evil's Fire The Gem Shall Be His Portal He Comes To Claim He Comes To Sire The END Of All Things MORTAL!
bbbbeastboyyyy: Aww come on, Rae-VEN, oops almost forgot, hehe. You know deeeeep down you like my hugs :3

"Your digging your own grave"

bbbbeastboyyyy: *Sees you walking down the hall, gets excited, and runs after you, giving you a light hug* "Hey, wassup, rae? :D "

Anonymous: Hello, I really liked teen titans, the entire everything from them, and mostly because of raven, so naturally, when I found your blog, I cried in joy. Thank you for being so amazing!

no problem anon and thank you for enjoying this :3 i have been a little awol but hearing this makes me happy Hope you have a great day!